Welcome to the Questions page. Here we try to answer some typical queries you might have. 

What market sectors have you experience of?

We have worked in, or have clients in, restaurants, shops, manufacturing, farming, fish farming, sporting estates, construction, engineering, charities, power generation, guest houses and hotels, professional partnerships, workshops and design, importers.


What does the service cost?

This is dependent on the level of complexity and the person who will be involved in doing the work. We can supply a charge out sheet showing charges for administrative assistance from around 12 per hour. Typical charges for business advice would be from 120 to 180 for a half day.

Our payroll service could cost as little as 20 per employee per year.


How would an interim manager operate?

We can work full or part time to cover an absence or be an additional resource to help you see through a project. Most businesses have seasonal pressures or suffer when a key member of staff is absent. If a major change, such as an office relocation or a computer upgrade, is planned these problems get worse and extra help is needed.


What about the provision of long term advice and support?

We can supply an ongoing advisor, or become a non-executive director, for as much time as required. We would get fully acquainted with the details of your business and be there to help on all the areas where required. This could be recruitment or dismissal of staff, business development or raising finance.


If you find that your question is not answered on this page, please e mail donald@drivebs.co.uk or call Donald MacKenzie on 01463 712619.


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