Your Personal or Family Office

Your personal or family office from Drive can keep on top of your paperwork, account for your income, expenditure and assets and provide you with regular summaries.

We can pay bills for utilities and other expenditure and keep track of renewal dates for insurance or licences.

Our service is tailored to what you need so you can use us as much or as little as you choose.w


Do you know what you earned and how you spent it during the past year?

Could you complete your tax return now or would it take lots of work?

Do you know how many bank accounts you have and how much interest you paid and or earned?

Do you always find the time to pay your bills on time?

Do you know what you spent on home or car insurances last year or when your insurances or car licences need to be renewed?

Do you know the value of your assets; in property, investments, bank accounts or other things?

If you cannot easily answer yes to the above questions you need our help.



How we operate

We work with you, and other professionals, such as your lawyer or investment advisor, to help you get control of your life.

We act like your personal accounts department recording transactions into our secure accounts system.

We provide you with reports on your income and expenditure and your assets.

We meet with you to discuss your situation and plan your future needs.

We are a Chartered Accountancy firm but with partners who have run businesses  and busy lives so understand your life.

Contact Donald MacKenzie for an informal discussion of what a Drive Personal or Family Office can do for you.



Our Silver Service includes

Accounting for your income and expenditure and reporting to you.

Liaising with investment advisors, lawyers and other professionals to protect and maximise your wealth.

Meeting you as required to discuss your situation.

Payroll for any staff. We can also assist with recruitment, including sifting through applications and providing relevant contracts of employment.

Completion and submission of self assessment, partnership or company tax returns, or passing information to your tax advisor.

Schedule your personal information including bank and credit card details, insurances and more. In the event of losing a credit card we would be able to supply the information needed to cancel cards or cancel them on your behalf and request replacements.

With Gold Service we can

Create schedules of payments due, for you to authorise online or we will prepare cheques for your signature.

Schedule your properties, investments, bank accounts and other assets, including gain/loss calculations.

Hold details of your vehicles with renewal dates for licence, insurance and MOT. We can hold the documents or arrange renewal if required.

Build up schedules of computers, telephones and other equipment including, where relevant, serial numbers, contract details, support contract or warranty details.

Hold details of contracts for your gas, electricity, telephones and broadband.

We can find builders or other trades and monitor construction projects or renovations.


With Platinum Service we can add services such as

Contacting insurers to secure the best cover at the best price for your property or vehicles.

Locating or disposing of vehicles on your behalf.

Storing online back ups of your computers to safeguard your data.

Negotiating contracts for utilities or other services.

Holding your E mail account set-up details to use when setting up a new computer. We can source and set up a computer, loading software and copying data files.

Act as company secretary or director of family companies.

Whatever else you would like us to help with.  How can we help you?


We look forward to meeting you. Please contact Donald MacKenzie on 01463 712619

or email



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