Drive was set up to offer services ranging from typing or office administration to a full accountancy function or general business advice - based at the client’s premises or from our office.


Business Advice - from a one-off meeting to becoming a non-executive director

We have experience of running a company from start up to a £2 million turnover. Donald has experience gained in London as a divisional director of a large UK wide quoted company.

Your personal or business tax affairs can be taken on by Drive to ensure you include expenses that you are entitled to claim. We can complete and submit tax returns for individuals, partnerships and companies.

We can advise on property matters, including leases, buying or selling and renovations.

Your relationship with your bank can impact on your business. We can help ensure you are supplying the bank the information they require and are getting the best deal possible.

If you wish to buy or sell your business Drive can help. We have been involved in management buy outs, mergers, purchases and sales of companies. We can help you through the process.

We can look at your operations with a view to making the process more customer focussed or efficient.

We can work with business owners on the future strategy of the business. This would help a business owner to step back from the day to day problems and consider where they want the business to go. What threats or opportunities are out there? What are your long term targets? Do you want to have a sellable business?

Donald MacKenzie can join your business as an effective advisor or non-executive director, casting a fresh eye on your operations and adding value to the business.

Click through to our “Free Finance Director!” page to see some of the things Drive has done to make more money for clients.


Accounting Services including part time finance director

Many companies cannot justify a full time financial controller or director. We can supply that function, part time as required, on a short or long term basis.

Would your company benefit from having an experienced finance director to help you work through the financial decisions that you must make?

We can operate your entire accounting function, based in your premises or our office, covering basic bookkeeping up to top level advice, or add our experience and skills to your existing operation. This could save you needing to buy and maintain accounts software and or free office space used by accounts staff.

We create monthly or quarterly management accounts or VAT returns based on the accounting records. Year end accounts can be prepared using our year end software along with relevant tax computations. Where you do not require an audit this could save your current costs of using external accountants.

We can give advice in how to minimise your liability to tax.


Project management or absence cover

We can supply an interim manager to help through a period of change or to cover for maternity or other absence.

We can do anything from managing an office or building to running a company.

We have operated in a range of business types and been involved in a variety of projects including computer system selection and installation.

We can help with relocation of premises, developing a new product and much more.


Business Plans “if you don’t have a dream, how you gonna make your dream come true?”

A business plan can be so much more than a funding document. It should contain your hopes and fears, your targets and your needs. Drive can work with you to create a Business Plan that will be used as a guide to performance. For raising funds we can work with you to create the more detailed funding document that may be required.

If you do not think about the future and plan where you want to take your business you may miss opportunities or fail to push on when things get tough.

Drive can walk you through a process resulting in a comprehensive, but one page short, business plan.

A working business plan should then be referred to and updated regularly and be a part of your management of the business. See “15 reasons you need a business plan”


Management Meetings

Regular review meetings, monthly or quarterly are essential to give you the discipline of examining the performance of your business. We can help in many ways - perhaps by producing an agenda, by chairing meetings, by reporting on performance and much more.



Drive can operate a payroll function - weekly, two weekly, four weekly or monthly for unlimited numbers of hourly paid or salaried employees.

We can supply staff forms and contracts of employment, maintain staff files and ensure compliance with employment regulations.

We can help with recruitment or dismissals. Employing the right person can be difficult, getting rid of the wrong person can be even harder.

You may need someone with skills they have built up in a much bigger firm but you want them to join your smaller, less established business. What can you offer to tempt them in? Do you need an employee share scheme, do you need to make them a partner or director?


Print and Web Design

Drive can design and print letterheads, price lists or promotional literature.

We can register and set up a web address then create a site to promote your business.  If you are not already on the web you may be pleasantly surprised by the effect of an easily updated “shop window” accessible 24 hours a day. You can allow prospective customers to find out about your services, your staff and things you have already done.


Other services

We can coordinate market research or computer installation and maintenance provided by associated businesses.

We can introduce specialist property, legal, taxation or finance advice.

We have experience of moving design ideas to manufacture and can help find designers or manufacturing partners in the UK or overseas.


For more information, or to arrange a free initial meeting, please contact us

by e mail

or call Donald MacKenzie on 01463 712619

We look forward to adding DRIVE to your business.


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