Our Fee Promise

We believe we can help your business to generate more income, increase margins or cut costs. We are so confident of this that we will credit our charges for advice if we cannot make you more money.


Examples of some things we have achieved for clients


We boosted revenues at one client by over 20% by setting up a travel time charge.

    A client planned to install a telephone system but we came up with a much cheaper exchange-based solution.

We recommended and set up a simplified and improved accounting system for a hotel, cutting the cost of preparing annual accounts while saving the owner time.

    Simplified timesheets and expenses forms are saving time for front line employees and accounts.

We have opened new bank accounts or set up improved bank deals, cutting the cost of charges.

    We have negotiated dispensations covering expenses with the Inland Revenue making production of P11dís much simpler or unnecessary. We have agreed procedures to claim VAT back on mileage allowance. Ask us how.

Drive has looked at the insurance market for clients and changed insurers for better cover and or a lower cost.

    We have recruited staff to cover jobs previously done by an external supplier and have outsourced work that was not worth doing in-house.

Drive has reached deals to contract equipment and has brokered deals to end such agreements.

    We worked through a management buy out, helping the new employee shareholders to buy the company.

We have negotiated contracts and made tender presentations.

    We have advised on sources of finance and negotiated the deal

Drive has advised on sale of land and negotiated agency terms.



When we begin with a new client we take time to learn all we can of the business and its people. Only then can we fully understand what can be done. We do not work to a formula for all clients but find things that make a difference to the individual business.


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